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Brochure Giro Vitale Giro Vitale - Seniorenspielplatz, Generation 50+ Bewegungsangebote
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Giro Vitale - Seniorenspielplatz, Generation 50+ Bewegungsangebote
A generation calls for a new approach
Keep moving! Now is the time for Giro Vitale - special apparatus developed for the
50+ generation to enjoy physical training outdoors in the fresh air and atmosphere
of a park. Here, less importance is placed on high-powered performance but more on gentle exercises which have been designed to strengthen mental and physical fitness. With little effort, simple sequences of movement on the apparatus will make muscles stronger, boost stamina, improve balance and co-ordination resulting in increased mobility and self-confidence in daily life. The enjoyable exercises can be done outdoors alone, with a partner or in a group, effortlessly and without inhibitions.
50 + Bewegungsangebote
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